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Dr. Donna Dannenfelser 



Heart Cockles & the Universal Law of Attraction                            

If the Law of Attraction can work for Donna, it can work for you. When she first moved to California, she stumbled upon Rhonda Byrne's book The Secret. It impressed her so much that she began to seriously research the Universal Law of Attraction and spent the following four years experimenting with it, reading every book and research study she could get her hands on—never really knowing what she would do with all the information.

As she began importing heart cockles from the Philippines and utilizing them as visualization tools for her clients, she realized that those four years had not been in vain. Donna now has the knowledge and opportunity to share with the world her findings.

"The Law of Attraction is real, always works, and is your birthright as we are all creative beings. You have the power to expand your knowledge and experiences on this planet simply because of your unique perspective."

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Dr. Donna Dannenfelser has been a psychotherapist, certified hypnotist, and dream analyst for the past 25 years.


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