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Take your life back with the help of Dr. Donna Dannenfelser, as seen on the Dr. Oz Show, "How Positive Thoughts Lead To A Healthy Life." 

Dr. Donna is a Sports Psychotherapist who helps everyone from the guy next door to high-profile personalities overcome the obstacles in their lives that are, in short, preventing them from truly living their dreams.

Dr. Donna's "Industrial Psychology Program" has opened doors to CEO's around the globe, making leaders more effective and employees more productive.

Her philosophy..."If you change your thoughts, you will change your life!" Dr. Donna is an international keynote speaker on  "Opening Your Mind For Greatness!"

As a keynote speaker, Dr. Donna talks about the 10 core beliefs needed to be successful in any life situation, as outlined in her best-selling book, "Game On!: What I Learned During My Time As The Shrink To The NY Jets - How to achieve anything you want in life."  

As a proponent of Positive Psychology, Dr. Donna assists clients in identifying what's going right in their lives and builds on the premise that the healthy, millioniaire mind, is both positive and creative. That self-talk is empowering and inclusive of all possibilities in life. Anything that a person can imagine can manifest in all of its glory, most often better than imagined, reaping benefits that boggle the mind and reward the visualizer.


Professional Experience

Dr. Donna is a psychotherapist with years of professional experience helping those in need. She has been featured on the shows Dr. OZ, Dr. Drew, The Today Show, Flipping Out, Interior Therapy, Crowd Goes Wild, TMZ Sports, and Bloomberg TV News. The TV series, Necessary Roughness, featured on USA Network®  was based on her life and has won awards for mental health awareness. She served as their Co-Executive Producer. Radio Talk Shows have featured Dr. Donna as she speaks out about Mental Health Issues. She has served as the sports correspondent to the Today Show, Bloomberg News, and TMZ Sports. The New York Post has christened her the "Dr. Phil of Sports Psychology." She currently blogs for the Huffington Post in her blog series, "Life Is The Ultimate Team Sport." Her latest book, "Game On!: What I Learned During My Time As The Shrink To The NY Jets," is a best seller, both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Donna is a psychotherapist with years of professional experience


Dr. Donna at (855) 500-2269 to learn more about her extensive 
Psychotherapy Services and Keynote Speaking Engagements.

More than 30 Years of Experience

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