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Motivational Keynote Speaker
Dr. Donna Dannenfelser



Motivational Speaker

From seminars on wealth, health, happiness to the mind-body connection Dr. Donna Dannenfelser covers a wide variety of topics at speaking engagements worldwide. Popular topics include: 

• How to Achieve the Impossible
• Your Thoughts Will Change Your Life
• Staying in the "Now"
• Positive Self-talk  

• The Love Attraction & You
• The Mind Body Connection
• Dream Analysis
• Psychic Phenomena & You

• Couples Relationship
• Sibling Relationships 
• Divorce & Seperation 
• The Dance with Anger                  

Corporate Seminars  

      • Interviewing Strategies
      • Co-worker Relationships 
      • How to Motivate Your Employees from the Inside Out
      • Correct Networking Makes All the Difference

Educational Seminars

  • "The Systemic Making of The High School Dropout" -- a student emotionally drops out of school in 3rd grade and physically drops out in 10th, learn why.
  • "Bridging the Gap Between School Personnel and Parents" -- the need to get on the same page.
  • "Getting the Most Out Of School Counselors" -- understand empathy fatigue.
  • "Raising Your High School College Acceptance Rate" -- provide the opportunity for all.
  • "How To Keep Athletes In The Zone" -- team workshops for high school & college athletes.

Personal Therapy / Life Coaching Retreats & 
Retreats For Singles

Need a weekend get-a-way, why not explore your inner most dreams and goals, finding answers to important questions like: "How to Find Love in a World Filled with Obstacles and Interferences?"  Spa retreats are for the body while Dr. Donna's retreats are for the mind and spirit. You pick the ocean front property and Dr. Donna will pick the psychological program that best suits your needs.                                              


Contact Dr. Donna at (855) 500-2269 for her Professional Seminars and Retreats.