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Motivational Keynote Speaker
Dr. Donna Dannenfelser



Industrial Psychologist

Are you a business leader and want to be more effective, or a business owner and want your employees to be more productive?

Are you feeling stuck, unsure of your next step? Or do you know what you need to do but the fear just gets the best of you? Are you bored, feeling -- "been there, done that"? Or, do you need to rebrand, re-organize, or just plane need to start over already?!

Dr. Donna, the leader in "Industrial Psychology" can help you. Working to overcome upper limiting beliefs is how one opens their mind for greatness. Working with individuals, or with large groups, Dr. Donna's philosophy remains the same..."Changing your thoughts will change your life!"

All those feelings stem from subconscious upper limiting beliefs that we all have and developed before the age of 8. Spending your adulthood getting over your childhood is no myth. It's real. The good have the power to change the narrative by changing the way you think.

If you want to take your business to the next level, have your emloyeses be more productive, or just need to re-set your life then you need the newest form of Industrial Psychology and tools that will eliminate upper limiting beliefs that sabotage your millionaire mind.

World renowned Dr. Donna provides the personal service of a custom designed unique psychological approach for getting to the next level of any business. No boiler plate training or model. Every program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of your particular business' stumbling blocks with 24/7 support from the expert, Dr. Donna Dannenfelser.


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Dr. Donna has watched me mature and find my voice over the past 7 years. See has taught me to stay true to myself and listen to my gut, stay strong and believe in my dreams, and most of all, nothing is more important than a positive attitude with positive thoughts! So when I told her I wanted to take my business to the next level she said, ‘Let’s do it!’  And away we went. Over the following four months, Dr. Donna guided me in finding my passion and building my new business around it. She guided the re-organization of it, the re-branding, marketing, and the launching of what we now call…“Sunnybrook Elite Riding Club”. She wrote the copy for the website and guided us with all the marketing. She has worked with us on increasing our fees and supported us in adopting additional services for our clients.

If you’re looking to bring your business to the next level, re-brand an existing company, or re-organize an existing money making opportunity, Dr. Donna’s program will definitely get you there.”

                                                                             Becca Bruce

                                                        Owner & CEO of “Sunnybrook Elite Riding Club”

                                                                       Carpenteria, California


"Dr. Donna helped me to zero-in on my passion and my talent, then develop a viable business centered around both. After months of feeling lost and stuck in my professional life, Donna helped me to take stock of my career so far and start developing a comprehensive vision for the future. She has proven to be an invaluable sounding board, and has provided a space where I can work through new ideas, refine my vision, and develop actionable plans to get my business up and running --then KEEP it running successfully. Donna is so much more than a therappist, and possesses the unique ability to combine psychology with the industrial know-how of a self-made entreprenuer. Donna gave me the push I needed to strike out on my own and start doing what I love -- and provided the tools that helped me to do it successfully."

                                                                                   Hugh Garvey


                                                                     Founder & CEO of Satial Spatialist

                                                                          Beverly Hills, California

"Dr. Donna's Industrial Psychology Program has been the guidance and infuence that I needed to help me realize my purpose and have confidence in launching my new business.  Her no-nonsense psychological approach has allowed me to be open to the idea of thinking bigger!  As a result, I have followed my intuition and studied Feng Shui, Meditation, Reiki, and Crysal Work, and I can now offer my Interior Styling and Design clients a holistic experience to improve their environments.  If you're feeling stuck or need to re-invent yourself, Dr. Donna's program may be the key to opening your mind and realizing your full potential.  She has truly taught me the power behind "Changing your thoughts will change your life!"

                                                                        Kirsten Yadouga


                                                           The Interior Intuitive, CEO & Founder

                                                                          Long Island, New York