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Dr. Donna Dannenfelser



Mind Set Training for Clinicians

Outside the lines of traditional psychotherapy, Dr. Donna trains the clinician to bring conventional therapy into the 21st century by combining Positive Psychology, Quantum Healing, and Hypnosis, with Traditional Psychotherapy.

Are your clients leaving your couch and signing up with life coaches? Are you wondering why your hourly rate is not even close to the life coach packages that are in the tens of thousands? Well, it's because traditional psychotherapy isn't enough anymore. Mind set training and mind coaching is now bringing CBT to new heights of self develoment. Your clients' time on the couch is becoming a thing of the past. Life coaching combined with strategies of traditional therapy is the best of both worlds.

For more information regarding Mind Set Training, Mindful living & Life Coaching for the Clinician, contact world renowned  Dr. Donna, the leader in today's non-traditional psychological paradigm shift that will bring your practice to new heights, not only in dollars, but in client health as well.

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