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Pre-Nup Counseling

Navigating a relationship shouldn’t be difficult but it can be complicated no matter how in love you are. Statistics show that 60% of all marriages fail…an alarming rate! Can it be prevented? Well, that’s up to the individual couple, however you can stack the odds in your favor. The first step is to give your relationship a fighting chance by learning how to communicate effectively. Easier said than done.

Most of us don’t really know how to communicate, how to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, how to not shut down when important issues raise their head and we become uncomfortable. A surprise that most couples don’t realize is that arguing is normal and healthy, as a matter of fact if a couple is not arguing it means that one partner is not thinking, or is biting their tongue which eventually will lead to cheating or just plain leaving the relationship. The point is to learn how to effectively, respectfully, and lovingly find your voice and express what really bothers you. That takes training and practice, and with that skill under your belt a safe, loving, intimate, relationship is only a few therapy sessions away from a forever commitment.

Dr. Donna’s Pre-Nup program provides customized solutions to couples who are ready to tie the knot. Each program is designed to meet the needs of that particular couple, addressing each partner’s shortcomings that are already making their way to the surface.

Issues for discussion:

Money, sex, housing and logistics, career, recreation, leisure time, alone time, children, child rearing, blended families, religion, extended family responsibilities, division of household chores, pre-nup legal agreements, unspoken arrangements, childhood wounds, prior relationship trauma, and any other issue that sabotages the growth of the relationship.

All of these issues culminate into “life balance” and how one navigates life experiences with the one they love and not wake up one morning regretting having taken the nuptial plunge.

All programs are individually designed according to the needs of the couple. Most programs are completed in  4 two-hour sessions.


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