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Dr. Donna Dannenfelser



                Script Consultant For Psychological Histories


            Dr Donna is your Script Consultant specializing in Character Development and Psych Histories.

     Why are reality shows so popular today? Because of character flaws evident in the personalities of the people featured on them. If you want to sell your script you need interesting, relatable characters. If the audience can relate to the characters you are on your way to an award winning show.

     "Necessary Roughness" won awards for mental health awareness because of the psychological character flaws of the leads and guest stars along with mental health issues that were woven into the show every week.

     Every character needs a good psychological back story. Without it you don't have depth of character. Your characters need to feel real to the audience and with character flaws they will.

     "Necessary Roughness" was based on the life of Dr. Donna when she served as the mental health clinician to the New York Jets. When USA Network picked up the show they told her, "If your writers can get on the page what you just told us we will have an award winning show." It was her character, and the characters she described that brought USA Network an award winning show.

     Serving as a writer herself, Co-Executive Producer and consultant to the writing staff of Necessary Roughness, Donna was able to highlight and keep the psych bio's of the characters alive.

     Dr. Donna is the expert on Psych Bio's as she continues to consult with writers concerning psychological profiles and character flaws for pilot development, TV series, and movies.

     If you want your characters to jump off the page and on to the screen...

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     If you're looking for professional feedback regarding your work, join Dr. Donna's 4-Week On-line Course "How To Develop Psychological Backstories For Your Characters" at the Screen Writers University:


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“What great feedback. Your questions for the course and in your reply are wonderful. Surprising in a way that I never learned this when I first took my writing classes in college. Again, I’m so grateful for your talents and being a teacher. Thank you so much for enriching me in so many ways. The pleasure of this class has truly been mine. Thank you for being the teacher I needed at this time.

    Mary NacNeith


“HI Dr. Donna, I have to say to you that I am absolutely loving this course – on so many levels. So thank you! Your comments on the last assignment really helped!”

    Steve Blame

"I just have one word to describe Dr. D...AWESOME!. I enrolled in one of Dr. Donna's classes last year and was quite impressed with her course information and weekly assignment feedback. Dr. Donna's course allowed me to really open up creatively and inspired me to further develop characters I'd introduced during the course. I'm now working on a pilot script and novel, thanks to her. Dr. Donna is very inspiring, helpful, and down-to-earth! Don't miss the opportunity to learn from her."

     Monique Brown