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Motivational Keynote Speaker
Dr. Donna Dannenfelser



        "How to Find Love in a World Filled with Obstacles
and Interferences"

                You have all the toys you’ve ever dreamed of yet you’re not happy because you can’t seem to find a life partner. You’re successful, confident and fulfilled in your career. You’re single and emotionally available, curious about life and all its adventures. You love to have fun and flexible about where and when you have it, but at the same time, on some intimate level, you feel disappointed.

                If I’ve just described you then come to our next workshop and find out why you may still be alone. Why your relationships don’t seem to last very long, and if they do last why they are not fulfilling.  You say you’re picky when choosing a mate, but could it be that you don’t trust yourself in relationships? Your “picker” may be off and we’ve got the perfect weekend get-a-way to find out why.

                Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert, Dr. Donna Dannenfelser will be hosting a weekend retreat for singles, helping them find Love…in all the right places. Dr. Donna will take you on a Saturday adventure into the exploration of your innermost needs in a relationship and how to convey those needs to those you are attracted to. How to decipher whether you have truly found the person of your dreams, and what to do with them when it actually happens.  Sunday Donna will separate all attendees into gender specific groups specifically targeting male and female differences and similarities of dating, and how to move relationships forward to more intimate and committed courtships, ultimately leading to the altar.

                When you leave this retreat you will have learned the obstacles and interferences that are getting in the way of you finding your perfect life partner. You will have tools that help you see what is actually in front of you as opposed to the masks we put on others to see what we want to see.

                Seating is limited and attendees need to be invited. An application to attend will be sent to you after you fill out the contact page on this website.